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Orion makes our customers’ next big idea an engineering reality in a microsatellite package; capable of meeting the most rigorous mission requirements.

Our spacecraft’s main applications:

Low-cost access to space

We help our customers utilize low-cost access to space by providing:

  • Innovative SmallSat sensors and subsystems

  • System design based on customers’ measurement requirements and scientific needs

  • Specialization in miniaturization of sensor and other instrumentation

  • In-depth mission analysis to ensure mission success and scientific closure 

Space science

  • Mission and system design of SmallSat and CubeSat platforms

  • Modeling SmallSat subsystem and ground segment interactions

  • Simulating operational scenarios

  • Remote sensing design and analysis services

  • Space physics research and data

Space awareness

  • Monitoring space assets and debris for spacecraft drag, wear and tear, and collision avoidance

  • Solar activity for global climate inflection

  • Electro-magnetic disturbances to avoid power grid disruption and communication outages

  • Radiation emittance to reduce risk of exposure to astronauts

  • Synoptic climatology and trending of atmospheric parameters

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