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At Orion Space Solutions we recognize that every mission is unique. We work side-by-side with our customers to deliver test and calibration options tailored to their specific mission needs to ensure successful and consistent results. 

A customer-first delivery model

From vibration and thermal vacuum testing, to test analysis, calibration and certification, the Orion customer-first approach aims for total satisfaction, transparency and rapid delivery across the entire assembly, integration and test process.

Based in Louisville, Colorado, Orion Space Solutions' 17,500-square-foot lab houses an electronics laboratory, laser lab and SmallSat lab, as well as office space and world-class computing facilities.

Our assembly, integration and test (AI&T) labs

Our AI&T labs include a SmallSat-assembly facility, two Class 10,000 clean rooms, environmental test chambers, reflow stations, electrostatic discharge safe electronics assembly areas, secure storage and rotation bench. The lab environment contains cutting-edge radio frequency signal generation, processing, and testing equipment in support of various SmallSat missions. 

Orion recently acquired an additional 25,000 square feet of lab space that hosts a suite of new manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to produce high-quality products at scale. Completion is expected in 2024.

Thermal Vacuum Testing (TVAC)

  • Three TVAC Chambers

  • Fitted with heated/cooled platen and radiative LN2 shrouds

  • Turbomolecular high-vac pump, rotary vane backing pump, two stage dry roughing pump

  • Ultimate vacuum ~2.5E-6 Torr

  • Platen Temp Range: -185°C – 150°C

  • Shroud Temp Range: -185°C – Ambient (controlled via LN2)


  • 2 thermal chambers

  • Both chambers are mobile and can have active GN2 purge

  • Programmable ramp and soak profiles

  • Side feedthrough for data, power, or GN2

Class 100K Cleanroom

  • Dual-partitioned cleanroom

  • Precision cleaning and bagging station in front room

  • Flow hood with additional program space in rear room

  • Fitted with 6 high-flow HEPA filters

  • Monitored intermittently with particle meter

Class 10K Cleanroom

  • Front grey-room for gowning and pre-entry cleaning

  • Flow hood in rear for high-precision clean work (i.e. sensitive optics)

  • CO2 “snow gun” for precision optical cleaning

  • Daily monitoring via particle meter, can generate cleanroom reports on demand

  • Program clean-storage cabinet

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