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At Orion Space Solutions, we develop thoughtful solutions to solve complex challenges across a multitude of fields. Our customized technology and data solutions are used to achieve greater space domain awareness, understand the broader impacts of climate change and strengthen our national security.

Building on a foundation of space science

We believe that science is paramount. That’s why we apply it to everything that we do. With decades of experience in science, engineering and data analytics, our team utilizes deep scientific understanding and expertise in every aspect of space physics to produce new interpretations of data and model output, and new insights and discoveries for our customers.

Observation System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs)

Orion’s software tools quantify the impact of various measurements for both ionospheric and thermospheric specification, enabling vital ‘analysis of alternatives’ exercises, and helping to maximize the utility of new sensors through OSSEs. With Orion’s OSSE Tool (OSSET), government agencies can realize millions of dollars in savings by preventing the deployment of unnecessary or redundant sensors. OSSET also offers users a numerical experiment that provides critical data to better inform these complex and expensive choices.

Intelligent data for a smarter planet

Creating actionable insights is the goal of all of Orion’s technological development. We support a multitude of industries and services that are essential for living not only in a smarter nation—but on a smarter planet.


Atmospheric data collection and modeling for weather forecasting, managing economic impact and business interruption and long-term climate change insight.​


From GPS to the various communication methods we use, our atmospheres affect how we use these devices and their ability to function when needed.​


Using data to help government and commercial entities manage risk for launch decisions and space operational hazards to humans, property and spacecraft.


Collecting and analyzing actionable intelligence for governments and businesses to operate more efficiently, profitably, and with greater social responsibility related to our resources, our environment and the sustainability of our planet.


Orion’s data and modeling tools help mission managers operate spacecraft more efficiently and safely through improved orbital analysis.


Water, food and oxygen are the most critical elements to human existence on Earth. Collecting and analyzing atmospheric and terrestrial data to produce, sustain and protect these resources.

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