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VP, Strategic Communications

As vice president of strategic communications at Orion, Rachel manages the front-line business development process. In this role, she is responsible for business opportunity planning and strategy development throughout the capture and proposal process, including identifying and managing deliverables through the entire life cycle of each new business opportunity.

Prior to joining Orion, Rachel served as the director of development at the University of Colorado where she identified, developed and promoted collaborations amongst donors and government agencies.  Before her time at the University of Colorado, Rachel spent 11 years with the National Center for Atmospheric Research serving as a research relations specialist and writer. She also served as  the primary engagement manager for the Capacity Center for Climate Extremes working on funding and collaboration opportunities for public-private partnerships within the United States and internationally. Earlier in her career, Rachel served as the foundations and partnerships manager for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in physical geography and environmental studies from McGill University and is a past participant in the Arizona State University Winter School with a focus on geoengineering and governance.

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