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Chief of Staff

Darla brings to the table a wealth of expertise garnered over three decades of dedicated leadership in operations, accounting and finance. With an extensive background overseeing multifaceted teams, she has honed her skills in optimizing organizational efficiency and driving financial success. Having navigated various corporate landscapes, including publicly traded entities, Darla has gained invaluable experience leading SEC reporting efforts and collecting key performance metrics to ensure transparency and accountability at every level. Her diverse industry exposure spans manufacturing, aerospace and higher education, giving her a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and challenges inherent in each sector.

In her role as the chief of staff at Orion Space Solutions, Darla spearheads information technology initiatives while seamlessly integrating functional areas across the organization. Her strategic acumen and adeptness at fostering cross-functional collaboration are instrumental in moving Orion towards its objectives with agility and innovation.

Darla holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and finance management from Northeastern University and a Master of Business Administration degree from Daniel Webster College.

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